Game Saves

Juiced: Eliminator
(3 Saves)
(0 Hit)
Total Game Saves
Filename: JUICED_ELIMINATOR00002.pms
Filesize: 414,170 Bytes
Description: Career: 44%, Arcade: 0%, 3 Cars In Garage
Download: Here
Filename: JUICED_ELIMINATOR00000.pms
Filesize: 414,158 Bytes
Description: Have Over 40 Cars (A Lot Of Duplicates), About $1.5 Million & Can Host With Everyone Except Keitaro
Download: Here
Filename: JUICED_ELIMINATOR00001.pms
Filesize: 414,160 Bytes
Description: Game Completed, Unlock All Cars, Super Nitrous & Have $1.5 Million
Download: Here