Game Saves

Medievil Resurrection
(4 Saves)
(1 Hit)
Total Game Saves
Filename: MedievilResurrection00001.pms
Filesize: 46,652 Bytes
Description: Saved At Hall Of Heroes With All 15 Chalices Filled
Download: Here
Filename: MedievilResurrection00000.pms
Filesize: 30,901 Bytes
Description: Have Woden's Brand At Earliest Point Possible
Download: Here
Filename: MedievilResurrection00002.pms
Filesize: 16,556 Bytes
Description: Have All Levels Completed & All Chalices
Download: Here
Filename: MedievilResurrection00003.pms
Filesize: 41,799 Bytes
Description: Start At Enchanted Forest With Most Levels 100% Up To This Point
Download: Here