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Armored Core-Last Raven
Credits: Code Master
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Day 1 File
NOTE: If you have Code Breaker V7/V8, you may need to use the below method to get any of the codes to work at all. For V9, the codes will work without the update, but it can't hurt to get the update as well.
For V7/V8, you MUST have an USB Flash Device that is recognized by Code Breaker PS2. Download this file --> upgrade.bin <-- on your USB Flash Device in the root directory. (The same places you put the Day1 files.) Once you have this file on your USB Flash Device, plug in the device to your PS2's USB Port, insert your Code Breaker PS2 V7.1+ disc & Press the Reset button.
For V9, simply go to the Options menu from the Main Menu. Then select Check For Updates, it should report back that it has found an update. Download it and then you are good to go.
Enable Code (Must Be On) [Read Note]
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
094160E6 5CFCDDE5
BE6718F6 8A35133B
BC97988B 4F0AE463
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Note 1:
With this game, it requires Code Breaker PS2 V7.0 or Higher!