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Final Fantasy IX
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Save Anywhere Codes
Save Anywhere Codes [Note 1]
Set 1 Of 6
D0036490 E510
8003648C 3E00
D0036490 E510
8003648E 0C00
D0036094 F809
8003607C 3E06
D0036094 F809
8003607E 0C00
D0036094 F809
80036160 3E06
D0036094 F809
80036162 0C00
Set 2 Of 6
D0036094 F809
80036230 3E0D
D0036094 F809
80036232 0C00
D00CB618 2D95
800CB614 0007
D00CB618 2D95
800CB640 0007
D00C832C B188
800C8304 0007
D00C832C B188
800C8330 0007
Set 3 Of 6
D0035F2C 2821
80035F34 0009
D006E530 93D4
8006E50E 0084
D0036380 D8EC
8003637C 0084
8000F800 0007
8000F802 9202
8000F804 0008
8000F806 2405
8000F808 0002
8000F80A 14A2
Set 4 Of 6
8000F80C 0039
8000F80E 2405
8000F810 000C
8000F812 27FF
8000F814 0008
8000F816 03E0
8000F818 0008
8000F81A 2401
8000F81C 0002
8000F81E 9202
8000F820 8006
8000F822 3C04
Set 5 Of 6
8000F824 FFFB
8000F826 1422
8000F828 0000
8000F82A 0000
8000F82C 0008
8000F82E 03E0
8000F830 C984
8000F832 3483
8000F834 001C
8000F836 8E03
8000F838 FFFC
8000F83A 27FF
Set 6 Of 6
8000F83C 0000
8000F83E 2622
8000F840 FFF7
8000F842 1000
8000F844 0008
8000F846 2401
Note 1:
With these codes, it is a very kick ass code.... and lengthy.. You must follow these instructions to get it to work. You must enter these codes into separate descriptions like the above. Set 1 Of 6 is 1 code, then create a new code description, Set 2 Of 6. The reason you must enter them in separate codes like the above, is because your Cheat Device only allows so many codes to be under one description. And to be on the safe side, you enter them like the above. Does order matter? Only for the codes that go in the order of D00X/800X must go in that order to get this code to work.When you goto your status menu, there will be a new option called, you guessed it, SAVE. Due to design problems in the Game Shark Pro (and possibly CDX), this code's length may cause problems when trying to access the memory card. To fix this, turn off the Game Shark when you see the Slot 1/Slot 2 option while saving or loading. This is NOT our fault - it occurs with the Super Item Code too. Also, using Save Anywhere to save in abnormal places can cause problems. Use at your own risk. Specifically, you don't want to save in the same room where an "event" happened immediately after the "event".