Cheat Codes

Gex 2-Enter The Gekko
Credits:, Thunder2 & Code Master
(33 Cheats)
(585 Hits)
Have 99 Collectables On Pickup
80095318 0063
Infinite Health
80095314 0004
Infinite Lives
80095310 0009
800A039C 001D
Moon Jump [Note 1]
D00906B8 0080
800897A8 0050
Have All Collectables
80095318 0063
8009531C 0062
80095320 0062
Infinite Time Aztec 2 Step
D0140C88 1500
80140C88 1520
Infinite Time Thursday The 12th
D013648C 1500
8013648C 1520
Infinite Time Spy Who Loved Himself
D014DDB0 1500
8014DDB0 1520
Infinite Time In Drag Net
D0137114 1500
80137114 1520
Have All Red Remotes For.... Codes
Out of Toon & Smellraiser
8009755C 0707
Frankensteinfeld &
8009755E 0707
Mao Tse Tongue & The Umpire Strikes Out
80097560 0707
Pangaea 90210 & Fine Tooning
80097562 0707
This Old Cave & Honey I Shrunk The Gecko
80097564 0707
Poltergex & Pain In The Asteroids
80097566 0707
Samurai Night Fever & No Weddings and A Funeral
80097568 0707
Lave Daba Doo
80097572 0300
Texas Chainsaw Manicure & Mazed and Confused
80097574 0707
Have All White Remotes
80097580 FFFF
80097582 0FFF
Have All Tan Remotes
80097584 FFFF
80097582 1F00
Charged Gex [Note 2]
D0089368 0040
800A039E 0186
Feather Gex [Note 3]
800A034A 0391
Air Walking [Note 4]
800A03AC 0000
Infinite Air Pain In Asteroids
D0168EB6 012A
80168EB6 012B
Infinite Air Umpire Strikes Back
D0186856 012A
80186856 012B
Thunder2 Mega Cheats! (Do Not Use Together!) Codes
Debug Menu (Press Select)
800975DC 0002
In Level Clock
800975DC 0004
Rambling Gex Mode
800975DC 0008
One Liner Gex (Press Select)
800975DC 0010
MEGA CHEAT! [Note 5]
800975DC 00FF
Fly Mode [Note 6]
D00868A4 FEFE
8004221E 2400
D00868A4 FDFE
8004221E A4A2
Walk Thru Walls [Note 7]
D00868A4 FBFE
8004D8A8 000D
D00868A4 FBFE
8004D8AA 1000
D00868A4 F7FE
8004D8AA 2400
Note 1:
With this code, to moon jump, hold down the X button and no other buttons. Once in mid-air, push D-pad in desired direction.
Note 2:
With this code, this for the circuit levels were you have to charge up before you can activate the panels...just press circle to charge and recharge when needed!
Note 3:
With this code, you can jump repeatedly to never hit the ground hard... you float like a feather to the ground!
Note 4:
With this code, Press X continuosly to jump in mid-air and rise as high as you want. Also, push X when falling to stop fall.
Note 5:
With this code, it is the mother of all cheat codes....Invinicble,Infinite Lives,Debug Menu,In Level Clock,Rambling Gex,One Liner Gex....Level Timer (On main map,Press SELECT for level stats then press Square for best times of those levels...And last but not least Declip(a.k.a Float thru walls code!)Press Select hilight debug menu X then hold start down and up he will flost up then release can move him anywhere..D pad moves him foward...back...left..right...hold start down to go up or get out of declip mode press select press x on debug off and and he will be normal again.
Note 6:
With this code, you have to press L2 & Select at the same time to activate it, and press R2 & Select to de-activate it. It allows you to fly by when you are close to an edge and you can walk right off,(Normally you just fall and hit the floor) this time you will be floating in mid-air. And whenever you want to fall back to the floor, just hit R2 & Select to de-activate the code and you will fall to the floor. BEWARE!! If you are using the walk thru walls code as well, you can fall all the way through the floor and die. So, if using with the walk thru walls code, please keep this code activated if you do not wish to die, and do not deactivate with walk thru walls until you are sure that there is firm ground beneath you.
Note 7:
With this code, you have to press L1 & Select at the same time to activate it, and press R1 & Select to de-activate it. It is best used with the Fly Mode code activated. This way if you go inside a wall, the game wont let you fall all the way through the floor. See Note 1 for more details. Also, if you de-activate this code without the Fly Mode Active, you will fall through the floor when inside a wall.