Hello Everyone,

My PS3 is stuck at NAT 3 no matter what settings I have changed. Game demos and games downloaded fine, but not game updates. I tried a wired connection to my router and wireless connection which had the same outcome. I set my PS3's IP address to and DNS to my router settings to make sure it wouldn't be already assigned and then registered it in my router for a static IP address using the MAC address in system info. After this I forwarded all the ports that were recommended. I turned of the router and PS3 for about 10 minutes and then tried to download a game update. This gave me Error 80710102. I then changed my DNS to open DNS and reset the router and PS3 again, to the same error. I then tried adding the PS3 to the DMZ instead, and now got error 80710723. Finally, I changed the PS3's DNS to the Google DNS and left the router off for 30 minutes. Upon starting the PS3, I am able to download game updates without a problem, but I'm still getting warnings that my NAT type is strict (it still has open ports and is in the DMZ). (I am using a TP-Link ArcherC5 V2.)

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,