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Tomb Raider last revelation code

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  • Tomb Raider last revelation code

    Looking for a very very old code that was posted on the message board at the old codejunkies site back in 2000. It was made by the hacker Zardoz and was for Tomb raider the last revelation. It allowed you to actually fight Horus instead of just running away from him. He also provided a walkthrough with the code. The code was for the PAL region version and Zardoz was showing me how to port it to NTSC-U when he just dropped out of the hacking community never to be heard from again. If there is any way of finding this (I already tried the wayback machine site).

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    Hi, what kind of the codes are you loking for Tomb raider the last revelation?
    What the exactly name the cheat code etc ? (because i also hacked cool codes for TR units)


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      The codes were to change the level Horus 2 so that you actually have to fight Horus with the shotgun to complete the level instead of just running away from him.

      I know of you and that you hacked Tomb raider codes. So did I. I can now move objects in tomb raider games and I can make lara go through the walls without glitching the game. Here is some of my work http://gamehacking.org/hackers/luigi/psx


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        i see.. what the final FMV, same as like if we run away from Horus ?


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          Yes, FMV is same but, level objectives are different. He made it a rather lengthy battle, so he provided an FAQ for it. I was attempting to port it for NTSC with his help. The first thing he said to do was search for the area of memory that runs 00000000ffffffff2d and then change 2d to 2E to freeze Horus. Then search 800b area for 00cc00d800 and that is as much as I have written down.
          I have a printed page from codejunkies in 2000 where he referenced to the code and I have actually seen this code and the FAQ but, that was long ago. It is a wonderful piece of work and I would love to find it and maybe even get it translated.


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            BTW, the hacker known then as Zardoz was a friend of another hacker known as Bonsang. In case you did not know this, Bonsang was the name Fabrice Faure went by before he went to work for Datel. I have contacted him and he well remebers Zardoz but has not heard from him in a long time and does not know how to get in touch with him.


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              Of course i know him he is worked for Codejunkies (Datel), i talked with him alot, long time before.."PS2 Hack Days"
              So Bonsang is EU side hacker,The anoter hacker called "CodeBoy" US side hacker in Codejunkies.. and Bonsang did more codes for PSX before he joined Datel etc....


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                So, I am trying to get this code (series of codes) that was posted in the forums at the old codejunkies site. I have had no luck in finding the post with the codes, and no luck finding Zardoz. If you still hack tomb raider games on psx, then I may have some work to share.
                1: The code by wombraider to play the nonplayable intro level of Tomb raider last revelation was very long because he had to remap many of the controller buttons to prevent the game from loading. I figured out the answer many years ago to prevent the game from loading. I have the original code with walkthrough.

                2: I have figured out how to get lara to move through the walls without glitching the game. This lets her move into areas that could not be accessed previously.

                3; I can move some objects in the game which is how I got the life packs in the lava room of the atlantis level in the first tomb raider.

                4: And probably some other stuff (I found the move pointers in tekken 3 which you can do some pretty cool stuff with)