I've been trying to fix a broken PS2 I bought off eBay. I replaced the laser but there is no light so I believe it's a damaged ribbon cable.

I removed the cable by pulling it from the board. I now have a new one but it's dam near impossible to get an angle and fit it back in. The placement of the port is in a small gap but there is a metal shield which is stuck to the board on both sides. I can't find an angle to push it in. There is a small housing clip which you cant reach either from the bottom or the top with your fingers. Im not sure if the housing should be up a or down or does it go between or under. I can't even see with my eye how it should fit. Hope that makes sense. It's of the hardest placed ports I've ever dealt with.

There are tons of laser replacement videos but I haven't seen anyone replace the flex or ribbon on the board.

Any advice is appreciated.

please help